Smilefrida The Finger Toothbrush

When it comes to oral care, it’s good to start ’em young! the smilefrida finger brush makes it easy to clean your squirmy little one’s baby teeth, without losing your sanity. and the double-sided brush tackles top + bottom at the same time. plus, a gentle massage with the finger brush can go a long way in alleviating teething woes.

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INSULATED: with its stainless steel double walls, the EAT’S ISY food flask keeps food hot (for up to 7 hours) as well as cold (for up to 5 hours).
LARGE CAPACITY: the EAT’S ISY food flask has a capacity of 350ml. There’s plenty of room for a meal for a child aged 1, 2 or 3.
100% AIRTIGHT: the EAT’S ISY food flask has an airtight screw top with a silicone seal.
EASY TO FILL: its large opening makes it easy to fill.
PRACTICAL: its compact size makes this food flask easy to carry in a changing bag. What’s more, it is suitable for the dishwasher (lid should be hand-washed) and the refrigerator!

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