Mini Cup & Straw Training System – Blush

“Learning to drink from a straw is an important developmental milestone that develops lip rounding and promotes speech development. The ezpz Mini Cup + Straw Training System teaches toddlers to drink from an open cup and safely learn to use a straw.

Benefits (Mini Cup)
Mini size for mini mouth and hands
Soft silicone protects toddler’s developing teeth
Non-slip silicone grip makes movements to the mouth more successful
Interior angle provides even flow for safe drinking
Weighted base and tactile bumps provide topple resistance
Safe to use with cold, warm and hot foods and liquids

Benefits (Mini Straw)
Straw serves as both a Beginner Training Straw + an Advanced Training Straw (Developmental Drinking System outlined on packaging)
Straw curvature promotes lip + jaw closure for safe sipping
Sensory bumps provide tactile awareness to activate lip rounding + decrease tongue suckling
Short straw length helps strengthen breath support + encourages nose breathing
Straw opening supports thick and thin liquids

Benefits (Mini Lid)
Sensory bumps improve grip for removal
Rounded lid provides tactile input + stability “

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