KIMI 120 Hazelnut with mattress

After the KUMI cradle, here is the KIMI bed, a 120×60 format baby bed, round and
transparent. A completely new baby bed by its conception and design :
KIMI has no bars
No more bars on your baby’s bed! This way, he can see the world around him without
hindrance and above all not get injured by getting his leg or arm stuck. Moreover, the absence
of bars will prevent him from leaning over the side of the bed.
KIMI is made of untreated beech wood without any treatment
We wanted to eliminate any toxic product in contact with your baby. Especially on the sides of
the bed that babies tend to chew on when they are teething. The KIMI is therefore made of
untreated beech wood without any treatment, very finely sanded, wonderfully soft to the
KIMI is upgradeable, to last a very long time
When your child is ready to sleep in a toddler bed, the KIMI can adapt itself transforming into
an open bed in its upgradable version. If you are worried that your child will fall out during the
night, you can add our YOMI bumper to the side of the mattress. This way you can use your
KIMI as a bed until your child is 4/5 years old. And even beyond that, since you can use it as a
KIMI is customisable
Choose the cord that best suits your interior. Or change the cord for your second child; Or even
opt for a straight lacing instead of a crossover, KIMI adapts to your desires and tastes. You can
also choose the mattress (optional) that suits you best. A CertiPur foam mattress made in
France, or an organic mattress with a firmer baby side and a softer child side.
KIMI is beautiful!
Well, it’s true, it’s all a matter of taste! But at Charlie Crane we are very proud of our latest
baby. With its airy design, its soft and harmonious curves, its attention to detail, it looks like no
other bed while fitting perfectly in any child’s room. The mattress 66 x 120 is adapted to the KIMI baby bed. Thick and firm, it is made in France
and its foam is CertiPur certified.

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Weight 13.8 kg
Dimensions 15 × 127 × 75 cm

Dimensions (cm)


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